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This is an online service, the final files of your project shall be sent to you. No physical product will be shipped. Kindly read through the description and use the service enquiry form to ask questions, you'll get a reply within a day.



Your business deserves a standout brand logo and identity that elevates your idea and captures your essence. A poorly designed logo and identity can misrepresent your brand, impacting how customers perceive your business.

With a well-crafted logo and identity, your brand becomes instantly recognizable, and memorable, and communicates your desired message—whether it's luxury, playfulness, or anything in between.

Starting at just the "Starter plan" service package, you'll receive top-quality designs comparable to those crafted for multinational companies. The difference lies in the additional services you can customize at checkout. There's no need to break the bank; hire us, the professionals, and captivate your customers with stunning designs.

While free logo tools may seem tempting, they generate generic logos used by countless others. Our custom designs ensure originality and uniqueness, setting your brand apart from the crowd.

Don't settle for mediocrity; invest in excellence. Elevate your brand today with our professional logo design services. Let's create an exceptional logo that takes your business to new heights.

This service is for you

If you're just starting a new brand or revamping your existing brand.


How to prepare your Graphic Designer's Logo and Brand Identity Brief.

Understanding Your Target Audience

  1. Is your target audience predominantly feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral?
  2. Briefly summarize your company's offerings, products, services, and core values.
  3. Share your company's mission statement, vision, and brand message.
  4. What sets your business apart and makes it appealing to your customers?
  5. Who are your main competitors in the market?
  6. Describe your target audience demographics, including age, gender, location, lifestyle, and income. Are there any cultural considerations with your audience?

Creating Your Brand Identity

  1. Use a few words to describe the essence of your brand.
  2. How do your current customers perceive your brand, and how would you like your audience to perceive it? What feelings or thoughts should they associate with your brand?
  3. What aspects of your current branding do you appreciate?
  4. Are there any elements of your current branding that you dislike and would like to change?
  5. Are there any successful brands that you admire and would like to benchmark against?

Design Preferences

  1. If you're open to new colours, do you have a specific colour palette in mind? Are there any colours you'd like to avoid?
  2. What are the essential graphic design elements you believe must be included in your brand identity?
  3. Are there any innovative design elements or ideas you'd like to explore for this project?
  4. Please share any design styles or examples you particularly like, along with URLs for reference.
  5. Conversely, are there any design styles you dislike? Provide examples or URLs if possible, to help us understand your preferences better. Do you have any preferred fonts to share?
  6. How do you view your competitor's branding? Share URLs and mention what you like and dislike about their branding.
  7. Share a few links or samples that inspire you or guide us in the creative direction.

Past Experience and Communication

  1. Have you worked with a graphic designer before? What were the positive and negative aspects of that experience?

Other Projects and Project Specifications

  1. Do you have any other design projects or needs, such as print design, website design, or others, that we can assist with?
  2. Where do you plan to use the final deliverables of this project? (print, online, other)
  3. What are the main goals of this design project?
  4. How will you measure the success of this project?
  5. Are there any additional specifications or details you'd like to include, such as timelines or project schedules?

Custom Budget and Flexibility

  1. Please share your desired budget range for this project to receive a custom quotation.
  2. Is your budget flexible or fixed?

    ■  Business/Company profile design
    ■  Interactive presentations
    ■  Proposal (cover/inner designs)  
    ■  Leaflets & flyers
    ■  Event Stand
    ■  Branded apparel
    ■  Branded stickers
    ■  Marketing/ promotional items
    ■  Website design
    ■  Email campaign template design
    ■  Social media banners
    ■  YouTube thumbnails
    ■  Branded video presentation
    ■  Lower 3rd banners
    ■  Explainer video
    ■  Customized Font
    ■  and more...
    You can read through the lists above and make your request list out of them.


Order and receive the first draft:

First, order and submit your brief as outlined for you above. No rigorous processes and endless phone calls, meetings, and form fillings. Once you place your order, you'll be directed to your account where you can submit any required details. We'll then get to work on your first draft, which we'll attach to your account within the stipulated timeframe for your review.


After reviewing the first draft, you can submit any edits or revision requests to us by attaching them to your account. We'll then make the requested changes and advise you to be clear and specific in your revision messages to save time.


Once all corrections and edits are completed, we'll attach the final file back into your account for you to download. In the case of large files, we'll provide a download link via your account for convenience.

Kindly send all information necessary for your project, such as the product name, any specific design ideas you may have, and any other relevant information we must know to help you craft a great product logo.

Your project source files (or editable files) will be delivered in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw formats, both of which are vector-based programs. However, if you need your final files to be delivered in different formats, kindly indicate this after you've placed your order.

Please note that we will also provide you with high-quality image files in various formats (JPG, PNG, PDF) that you can use for various purposes, such as online or print marketing materials.


Why do you set the price you set?
Our goal is to offer beautiful designs that help drive business growth at an affordable price. We understand the challenges small business owners face, and our pricing reflects our commitment to helping them succeed.

What will I get if I buy from you?

When you buy from us, you'll receive a high-quality product logo design, as well as all the necessary files, including the vector file for print production and a web-ready version. You'll have full rights to your final project for commercial use.

Why Should I buy from you?

We believe that we offer a unique combination of experience, creativity, and dedication to helping businesses grow. If you want a customized solution tailored to your brand and business, then we believe that we are the right choice for you.

How many logos does this cover?
Our service covers one logo design, but we can provide different options for you to choose from.

What if I do not like the Logo you designed?
If you're not satisfied with our work, we offer a refund policy. Please see our policy for more information.

What if I'm not available often to follow up on my project?
No problem! We'll work on your project and provide regular updates. You can log in to your account to review the progress anytime you're available.

I have a rough sketch I want you to follow.
Yes, we can work with your rough sketch and bring it to life.

Can you do a specific Logo design style?
Absolutely! If you have a specific style in mind, please send us an image sample of what you're looking for.

I have a bulk project, can you handle it?
Yes, we can handle bulk projects. Please use the "Service Inquiries"  form to contact us and discuss your specific needs.

I have more questions.
Use the "Service Inquiries"  form to contact us and discuss your specific needs.

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120.00 USD

Deliver within 8 days

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Basic guide

Basic brand and style guide booklet design (how to use etc Few Pages)

150.00 USD

Advanced guide

Advanced brand and style guide booklet design (how to use etc)

250.00 USD

2D video of your Logo

2D animation logo video | 3 days

50.00 USD

3D video of your Logo

3D logo spinning | 4 days

70.00 USD

270.00 USD

Deliver within 12 days

Nice to haves



View Extras you can add

Advance guide

Advanced brand and style guide booklet design (how to use etc )

250.00 USD

2D video of your Logo

2D animation logo video | 3 days

50.00 USD

3D video of your Logo

3D logo spinning | 4 days

70.00 USD

670.00 USD

Deliver within 15 days

Nice to have - RECOMMENDED



View Extras you can add

2D video of your Logo

2D animation logo video | 3 days

50.00 USD

3D video of your Logo

3D logo spinning | 4 days

70.00 USD

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