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This is an online service, the final files of your project shall be sent to you. No physical product will be shipped. Kindly read through the description and use the service inquiry form to ask questions, you'll get a reply within a day.


About file edit service

You have put so much effort into creating your design and you felt, yes! that is it, it is all perfect but later realised some things must be changed because of regulation or omission, you cannot do the changes yourself or simply don't have the time or the designer of the file is not available or you do not work with them anymore. Giving your file to a learner who does not yet understand the technical details of finalizing your type of artwork might make things worse.

20 USD,  will get the magic done, the same quality attention we pay to edit files for multi-national companies, the only difference is the extra services you would like to add on the checkout page, now that you have no excuse for paying so much, why not hire us the professionals to edit your designed files professionally?

I have not found a free tool that could help you do that yet, and even if there is, It is not advisable to use such for your professional project. 

This service is for you

If you're looking to edit your existing design file also known as artwork that was previously made with the following applications: Adobe Suites,  Microsoft Suites, and Coreldraw.

The creative team 

We are a team of versatile and creative designers with many years of experience in the creative industry. We craft distinctive and premium designs backed with research and strategy to ensure it stands out and boost your service or product sale in the marketplace.

This service is for editing your existing design file, which covers editing wordings, adding or replacing images, and changing colours on your flyer, label, brochure, pamphlet, postcard and so on we also offer resizing service to help you change the dimension of your existing designed file

How we work with amazing you

Order and receive the first draft

No rigorous processes and endless phone calls, meetings, and form fillings. We acknowledge your order immediately. Simply make your order and it'll take you to your account where you can submit other required details. Have a pre-sale question? use the service inquiry form if you want a presale question, you'll get a response within a day.

We work and complete the first draft within the stipulated days and attached it to your account which you can download for review.


Check through the draft sent to you finalize what the editing and revision should be and attach it again, we'll receive it and apply all the changes requested by you. We advise you to be clear about your revision messages and edits to save time.


Once all corrections and edits are completed, we'll attach the final file back into your account, in the case of a large file, a download link will deliver to your account.

The price starts at 20 USD per file or page you want to edit
■  Jpeg  (image version)
■ PDF version
■ Source file 

■  File resizing (Changing the dimension)


  1. The editable file of your file
  2. Clear details of what you want to be edited

If needed, we might move important information in your design 0.125" away from the edges, around your design to protect the important information from trimming

Need more questions and clarification or special requests? Feel free to use "Service Inquiries" below the purchase button


Why do you set the price you set?
The price you saw is an offer to help you grow without you breaking the bank. If you're a small business owner, we'll become part of your success story. 

How many files does this cover?
Just one file

Do you edit other types of files?
Simply discuss the type of file you want to edit, use "Service Inquiries" below the purchase button

What if I have already ordered what you cannot edit?
We'll refund you and cancel your order,  please  see the refund policy here

What if I'm not available often to follow up on my project?
No problem, We'll work on your project, login into your account to review it any time you're chanced 

What can you edit on my file?
Texts, colours, and replace the image

Can you redesign the new file from scratch?
Yes, Simply use "Service Inquiries" below the purchase button

I have a bulk project, can you handle it?
Yes, use "Service Inquiries" below the purchase button

Let's Chat
I have more questions or need a customized quotation
Use "Service Inquiries" below the purchase button, Contact us OR WhatsApp SunMyke


20.00 USD

Deliver within 3 Days


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File resizing

changing the file dimension

25.00 USD

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