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Hello, This is SunMyke 

At SunMyke, we are into Design and Creative Solutions, offering services such as Graphic design, Website design, Print production, and more. Our founder and team members are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in various digital industries, having worked with diverse clients and businesses in agency and freelance settings. We aim to connect with you and help elevate your projects and companies to new heights. Welcome to SunMyke!

Let your business fly!

The pandemic has transformed the business landscape, demanding new ways of conducting business. At SunMyke, we understand the need for fast and accessible creative design services that can be seamlessly integrated into the comfort of your home or office. With our online collaboration platform, we are dedicated to addressing your graphic design challenges and providing effective solutions for your business.

Our Vision

Our values


We are very passionate and want to help you bring your vision to life. 


Collaborate with SunMyke: Your Creative Hub

SunMyke partners with a diverse array of creatives, each with unique skills and styles, positioning us as a dynamic creative hub that seamlessly complements your in-house team. This collaborative approach not only enhances your ability to outsource projects efficiently but also boosts productivity and sales.

If your business currently lacks a dedicated graphic designer or a graphic design team, SunMyke can fill that gap, acting as your comprehensive creative team. To hire SunMyke and our talented team, simply articulate your vision clearly and we will bring it to life.

How to Write Your Brief

For guidance on how to craft an effective brief, read our detailed instructions here.



The founder started the business under the name  SunMyke Creation back in  2012  providing graphic design,  screen print, and printed marketing materials supply services respectively to individual start-ups and small businesses when he completed his one-year mandatory NYSC service after the 3rd year of his college graduation.  

In the quest for knowledge, he moved to  Lagos in mid-2013  and worked with a couple of organizations including  Grandeur Limited;  an  Integrated Marketing  Agency where he handles,  companies and multinational company brands such as  ASTRA ZENICA, GlaxoSmithKline[GSK],  Novartis, and  AUTOMAZE  LIMITED  and also worked with training and consulting agencies around 2016 in Abuja.

He handled a brand for Top-Wide Industries Limited in 2017 and has since provided freelance creative design services to businesses globally on a freelance website with over 600 hundred positive reviews from customers.

In the hope of reviving the offline aspect of his business, he registered “SunMyke International” with Corporate Affairs Commission C.A.C (https://www.cac.gov.ng/) in Nigeria in December 2019 with registration No.: 3037382 before the COVID-19 disruption.

To match up with the ever-growing Gig economy and be able to render effective, flexible, and cost-effective service, In mid-2021, SunMyke decided to start redesigning their blog site ( owned since 2013 ) to reflect the Gig service model of operation since May 2022 and striving for ways to improve.


Me in a Nutshell:

SMichael Adeleye is an Artist | Designer | and a Print man who occasionally plays with a microphone and music software when he’s not designing. Enthusiastically wanted to draw most things he saw while growing up as a child which motivated him to pursue a career in the field of Arts, Design, and Printing.

Early in his career, he learned to design without the use of a computer; he got access to a computer in 2006 during his industrial training where he learned the use of a computer. He owned his first computer in 2011 after graduation from college and has been creating designs on computers since then.

Despite being so multi-skilled, he carved a niche in cosmetic label design in 2017 as he realized a need for it and became one of the top freelance graphic designers in Nigeria handling cosmetic package designs.


To The Creators:

Everyone has a portion of talent to improve the world, So, I acknowledge creators and innovators who also are contributing their quota to improve society every day including those that people don’t know about.

His Quotes:

Knowing what, how, and when can be cumbersome and time-consuming, once you know, don’t waste time  -SunMyke



  1. The Creative Visionary:

    • “I see the world through a lens of creativity. My essence lies in transforming ideas into visual stories. Whether it’s designing a logo, illustrating a concept, or crafting a captivating layout, I thrive on bringing imagination to life.”

  2. The Visual Communicator:

    • “My essence is in bridging gaps—translating complex messages into simple, impactful visuals. I believe that design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about effective communication. Every line, colour, and shape has a purpose.”

  3. The Problem Solver:

    • “My degree in Graphics isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s about solving problems. I analyze user experiences, balance form and function, and create solutions that resonate. My essence lies in making the intangible tangible.”

  4. The Brand Shaper:

    • “I’m a brand alchemist. My essence is in shaping identities—whether for a startup, a product, or an individual. Logos, typography, and colour palettes become my tools to evoke emotions and build memorable brands.”

  5. The Storyteller:

    • “I weave narratives with pixels and vectors. My essence lies in storytelling—capturing attention, evoking emotions, and leaving an indelible mark. Every design choice carries a piece of the story.”

  6. The Aesthetic Explorer:

    • “I explore aesthetics like a traveller explores new lands. My essence is in discovering beauty in unexpected places—be it in minimalism, maximalism, or the interplay of light and shadow.

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