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The pandemic has modified the way we do business and it's no longer business as usual. People are looking for fast and affordable way to get creative design services at the comfort of their homes and offices and that’s where we come in. We’ll collaborate with you on our site online via your account to solving your graphic design issues you might be having in your business.


We are very passionate and we want to help you bring your vision to life. 

We Complement

We act as a complement to your in-house team. This is better way to outsource your graphic design work and increase your productivity while boosting your sales as well. If you don’t currently have a graphic designer or graphic teams for your business then, our online studio here is a perfect fit. 

Simply explain your vision, make it clear and we’ll get to work. We are looking forward to working with you. Disscuss your business graphic project needs!


The  founder  started  the  business  under  the  name   SunMyke Creation  back  in  2012  providing  graphic  design,  screen  print  and  printed  marketing  materials  supply  services  respectively  to  individual  start-ups  and  small  business when he completed his one year mandatory NYSC service after his college graduation.  

In quest for knowledge and to know how the cooperate world operates, he moved  to  Lagos  in  mid  2013  and  worked  with  couple  of  organizations  including  Grandeur  limited;  an  Integrated  marketing  Agency  where  he  handles,  companies   and  multinational  company  brands  such  as  ASTRA ZENICA, GlaxoSmithKline[GSK] ,  Novartis  and  AUTOMAZE  LIMITED  and  others.  He  moved  to  Abuja  2015 to  work  with  a training and  consulting  agencies.

He handled a brand for Top-Wide Industries Limited and since 2017 providing freelance creative design services to businesses globally on a freelance website with over 600 hundred positive reviews from customers.

In the hope to revive the offline aspect of his business, he registered “SunMyke International” with Corporate Affairs Commission C.A.C (https://www.cac.gov.ng/) in Nigeria December 2019 with registration No.: 3037382 before COVID-19 disruption which makes him to put the offline aspect on hold. 

In order to match up with the ever-growing Gig economy and able to render effective, flexible, and cost-effective service, In mid 2021, SunMyke decided to start the redesigning of the blog site ( owned since 2013 ) to reflect Gig service model of operation.

SunMyke hope to dive into full operation and launch the site 2022.


Me in a Nutshell:

SMichael Adeleye (SMA) a.k.a SunMyke is visual designer and a creative artist who would enthusiastically want to draw everything he sees while growing as a child which motivated him pursuing a career in the field of Arts, Design and Printing.
Early in his education, he learnt to design without the use of computer; he got access to a computer 2006 during his industrial training where he learnt the use of computer. He owned his first computer 2011 after graduation from college and has been creating designs on computer since then.

Despite of being so multi skilled, he carved a niche in cosmetic label design in 2017 as he realized a need for it and become one of the top freelance graphic designers in Nigeria handling cosmetic package designs.

He's opened to new methods that increase productivity for business he serves. He opened a new online studio where he collaborates with other creative expertise in the industry proffering multi creative solutions.

Working with him might be one of the best decisions you make for your business.


To The Creators:

Everyone has a portion of talent to improve the world, So, I acknowledge creators and innovators who also are contributing their quota to improve the society every day including those that people don’t know about.

His Quotes:

Knowing what, how and when can be cumbersome and time consuming, once you know, don’t waste time in achieving that goal -SunMyke


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