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Berief Similarities of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign &  CorelDraw.

Ai or CorelDraw? Which one do you use? Which one should I use? Which one is better? Which one should I learn or learn first?

These questions often come up lots of time among beginner and intermediate designers.

I use both very well.
And these are what I can say:

Firstly, There’s nothing you want to do in one that you cannot do in the other, just that one will help you do that faster depending on what you want to do.

CorelDraw is simpler to use, you can do the simple task very fast there without wasting time. It has some simple image editing features that you don’t need to go outside CorelDraw to do a simple image task.

The object align shortcuts are cool, people might think you’re using magic to move your shapes while using these shortcuts

Also, you can trace vector images as you can do in AI. You can do multiple-page work like InDesign with good formatting features. Ai is not that awesome at doing text formatting works, InDesign does that perfectly instead.

If you’re an illustration artist, web elements designer, T-shirt designer, Icon designer, and occasioned flyer designer. it’s better to stick with AI (Adobe Illustrator), and CDR(Corel Draw) can do those too if you know how to use it. If you plan to do multiple-page design work projects, use Adobe InDesign or CorelDraw. We can say CorelDraw is a combination of the features in Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator.

Ai has some amazing Adobe Photoshop filter effects as well to do some amazing things that are not available on CDR unless you use Photoshop. 

In AI, without the use of the layer panel, it can be cumbersome to select specific elements on a page when you stack so many things on top of each other but you can easily do that in CDR. However, once you’re used to AI workflow, every task becomes easy.

If you’re afraid of Ai & InDesign, learn to use CDR but know the basics of AI, and know-how to convert your work to AI because that’s what some clients know. I hope it helps.

About the Author:
SMichael Adeleye is a versatile creative designer and a creative director of who leads the creative team. He is also an occasional writer. He always looks for ways to help businesses solve their creative design needs.

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