It is no surprise that the greatest industrial areas in the world are located in Western Europe and in United States of America. Europe has several outstanding industrial areas, e.g. the Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire, London, central Scotland and south wales in Britain. In Europe, perhaps the most industrialised region is Rhineland of west Germany, cantered on the Ruhr. Other are Paris and north-eastern france, the sambre-meuse valley and the kempenland in Belgium, Silesia in Poland, the central lake in Sweden, the swiss plateau, and the Lombardy plain of northern italy.
In Russia, the industrial areas are more dispersed, but are nevertheless very significant. The Moscow-gorki region is the best developed, followed by other areas where the rich deposits of coal, iron and other rich metallic ores have justified industrial development, the urals of donetz-krivoi rog region and the kuznetz regon. They are linked by railways thousands of miles long.
In USA, there are large several industrial areas but they tend to congregate around mid-atlanta states like Newyork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the Lakeland region with such industrial cities like Pittsburgh,Detroit, Chicago, Duluth, Buffalo and Cleveland. The new England disytricts are noted for textiles and engineering. Other scattered areas include Cincinnati, Indianapolis, st Louis, Houston, san Francisco and los Angeles. Canadas industrial cities include Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton.

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