Lesson 8: Create Value

The consensus is if you intend to win in life- business, relationship or anything at that- you have to create value. And value means different things to
different people but the dictionary definition of value is that value is ‘the degree of importance of a thing to an individual’. Simply put, value is
anything that is important to a person. So, how do you create value?

Since people are naturally attracted to individuals and products that meet their needs and make their lives easier, it follows that to create value- that is things that are going to be important to them- you should naturally begin with the people.

Do you want to create value in your relationships, and then you have to start noticing things that are important to your partner and begin to help them achieve it. Some partners want their needs to be met, some just want the basics, and others value conjugal union while others value the care. Find out what is more important to your partner and begin to help them find /feel it. Only then would you have a very smooth relationship.

If you want to win in education, then it is time to begin to notice what is really important to the lecturers and school administrators. Some lectures value students that exhibit the Garbage-In Garbage-Out (GIGO) syndrome, others liketo see innovative thinking and a thorough understanding of the subject. Find out what your lecturers value and try to deliver that to them. A first class may just be in your radar.

In the same manner, to succeed in business, then you must start with the customer. Find out what is of significance to your target customer and then deliver it to them. But how can you find out what 10,000 customers want?  A good first step is to conduct an industry
analysis. This is a survey of what the industry services your target customers and what are the limitations of the solutions they provide. However, this may require money in most cases so I advise that you begin to think of how to make your target market look good, work smart and achieve their goals easier. The goal is to create value and then, to deliver it to them. Then watch the dollar roll in.

Remember, creating value is the surest way to become successful when you are starting from the bottom.

This is what General Mohammad Buhari did that attracted the investment he needed to successfully run a seven billion naira campaign even when he is estimated to be worth only about ten million naira.

And this is the secret of starting from the bottom to the top!


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