Lesson 7: Money is not an obstacle.

Money, for a capitalistic environment is like water to the body. It runs through every stream of the society and it enhances or impedes every other function. Therefore, money is given a very important position in any capitalistic society.

Money is required by any human being for life. We need money to take care of our day to day expenses, to attend to our basic requirements and to acquire the pleasurable desires of heart. In Nigerian cities and in cities around the world everything costs you some money; transport, feeding, water and even space. Therefore, money-or a lack of it – can be a deal maker-or breaker.

Many people blame money for their inability to be any better than what they are now. They bicker about how money is has hindered them from getting a higher education and how money has hindered them from making a family or how money has pushed them into a number of social vices.

However, if money was really responsible for success, then only people who have been born into well-to-do families will be successful. But that is not true. We all know of people who were born to worse than poor families that are well off in life.

Furthermore, if a higher education was the only key to success then only first class graduates would be successful and rich. But we all know that this is to true. As a matter of fact, Africa’s richest man isn’t a first class graduate- hell, I doubt if he is a graduate at all.

In the same manner, you are not a runz girls because you are poor neither are you a scammer and a thief because times are hard. There are numerous people from poor homes and even poorer home than you were but are doing very good in life without involving in a vice.

When General Buhari declared his intention to run for president, he was broke and he had to borrow money to buy the 27million Naira APC form. But his tenacity, his purpose, the value his dreams could add got him the billions he needed for campaign.

The biggest obstacle to your success is a lack of optimism, a lack of focus and a lack of clarity of your purpose. Get these things in other and start succeeding!

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