Lesson 6: Private Victories should Precede Public Victories

Hip hop videos can be really entertaining. All that glamour and ‘blinging’ is intriguing. The artiste gets dressed in the most expensive attire, gold watches, diamond rings and earrings. (S)he is portrayed to live in the most comfortable of places and even more he gets the most beautiful of lovers. Ah! Who wouldn’t want such a life? Who wouldn’t want the best of everything? Nobody!

With the popularity of Hip-Hop
Music genre in Nigeria, there have been thousands of these kinds of videos all over television. Children are exposed to the glamour of hip-hop videos even before they attain their formative age and when they are fully formed, they come to believe that life is all about the way they look and the places they hang out at and the people they hang out with. This misconception has made its way into the fabric of our society to such an extent that most young people spend more on their looks than they do on books, seminars and courses that  could be beneficial to their future. Their perspective about life, love and religion gets a little distorted by the type of music they listen to and the videos they watch.

Am I trying to preach against the ideas of these types of music? By No means! I am only trying to point out those music videos and films do not show the preparation that is put into them as such; we only see the glamorous part of the work and are deceived to think that life
is all about the glitz. Also, this genre of music are made for parties and so they try to talk mostly about good clothing, good food, alcohol, dances, sex
and other things that are a perfect recipe for a disastrous party night. But do you know that before any music video is shot, hundreds of hours of work are put in? The artist had to make an enticing beat, lace this beat with wonderfully catchy lyrics, mix them, do some sound engineering, contact a video studio where he spends even more hours deliberating and discussing the type and scenes of the musical video.

I guess I am only trying to say this:

Work comes before anything good is born.

You may like or dislike people who have rose from grass to grace. You may think highly of them or disregard them but they have put in work for them to be in the place where they are. And in the same vein my brother;

you cannot enjoy any good thing if you cannot endure hours of preparation and work to make it come to life. There cannot be a success in big things if there aren’t successes in smaller things.

I know money can hinder a lot of things. Maybe you do not have money to start a business or maybe some things
beyond your control are hindering you from gaining admission into a higher institute but how are you doing on things that you can control??

You do not have any hindrance to being truthful, honest, or hardworking then why don’t you begin working on your character?? Remember

Private Victories Precede public successes!


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