Lesson 4: Know when to re-bounce

Knowing how to quit and how to do so gracefully is not a weakness but it is actually strength

Knowing how to quit and how to do so gracefully is not a weakness but it is actually strength. Quitting from a scene whether it is a musical scene or a political scene could save you a lot of integrity. I know of young men whose unawareness of how to quit in gambling and sport betting has made them loose everything but their clothes and lives.

If you noticed I said knowing how to quit and how to quit gracefully. This means that I encourage you to persevere but when your perseverance is actually turning everybody against you and not getting you any closer to your goals, you should quit. But when you quit do it gracefully. That is quit in a way that will make people feel your absence and when they do, you can go underground and gather them for your eventual comeback.

Before the elections in 2011, General Mohammad Buhari publicly declared that he was not going to run for the office of the president again after that try. But soon after the elections were over, he began receiving visitors that started urging him to return to the political scene. In his own words, “Just before the 2011 elections, which I contested, I said publicly, in a fit of pique, that that was my last outing as a presidential candidate. Days after that statement torrents of delegations, starting with one from Niger State led by Alhaji Umar Shu’aibu, then chairman of CPC, including a serving senator, three members of each House of Representatives and Niger Sate Assembly expressing strong opposition to my intentions.

And when he- General Buhari- was convinced that he has gathered enough support and his dreams and purpose are finally getting understood
and loved by the people, he said

“…we should first build a bigger party, a viable political platform before I could summon the courage to change my mind…”

From the above paragraphs, I am sure you could put one and one together. The central message is this: you are not quitting forever. You should quit only when people are tired of your voice and stories. Soon enough, they would say to themselves “ah, he was right” and when you hear those words
either implied or directly, you should start gathering more support for your comeback by appealing to the greed of all those who have unsatisfied
expectation and believe me that this time around they would support you whole heartedly-purely out of their own greed- and they will ensure you win!

For winning in relationships, winning in office politics, winning in career and winning in all aspects of life, knowing when to quit and bounce back is the most important skill you will ever learn and it is the only skill that can guaranteed you a result every time you employ it.

What else do you need? Start practicing how to quit gracefully and re-bounce in style!

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