Lesson 3: Know when to quit

The prominence of the new thought philosophy is an indication of its efficacy. Of course we all are products of our thoughts and these thoughts show themselves in our word so there is a need to keep saying good stuff about ourselves and our situations. Perseverance is another important concept of the new thought philosophy but the concept of perseverance has been abused by exploiters. Fake Pastors and Imans would tell you to bring tithes,
offerings and gifts in a bid to receive things you want from God. And when you don’t get the things they promised you in the name of God, they ask you to wait in faith because Abraham waited a longer time.

But there should be a limit to perseverance…. shouldn’t there?

Before the victory of General Mohammad Buhari in the 2015 elections, he had contested thrice: once against the  former President Olusegun Obasanjo, once against President Umaru Yar’Adua and lastly against President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011. At that point, people started complaining about his monopoly of the ticket of opposition. He had persevered but then his perseverance is beginning to irritate the general public and the people of his own team.

There were debates in the opposition camps that there are more popular and more promising younger candidates in opposition yet Buhari has refused to let the young foster. On noticing these complain, the General announced that he would not run again for the presidency. “This campaign is the third and last one for me. I will not offer myself again for election into the office of president,” he said.

I believe you have heard that life is a stage. Your actions and decisions make up the show and you as the performer is supposed to make sure that your show is entertaining, educative and contributory in the least to the people that encounter you. You have to work your audience to the grand peak if you really want to leave an impression; and after taking them to the most ecstatic moment of your performance you should know how to exit the stage, leaving them wanting more of you. Remember Jay-z?? Great performer, don’t you think?? Well he resigned at the prime of his
musical career and that move alone has made him more wanted, more celebrated and even help him to earn more. That is because quitting at the right time is actually strength not a weakness.

Is this a sermon against perseverance?? No!

But people began listening to General Mohammad Buhari only when he announced that he was quitting the political scene and then they realized the truth about his purpose and it wasn’t long before they voted him in massively!

Learn when to quit and learn how to do so gracefully!


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