Lesson 2: Don’t lose enthusiasm

Now, ‘ọgbono’ may be the most important ingredient in the making of an ‘ogbono’ soup but it is unquestionably not the only ingredient needed to make a good ‘ogbono’ soup. Candidly, if one should make an ‘ogbono’ soup only by cooking ‘ogbono’ in hot water, the soup would be inconsumable even by the hungriest of all individuals. In the same
vein, a purpose may be the most important ingredient in the ‘winning’ soup but purpose alone cannot produce the kind of success that can be celebrated.

In my first post in this series, we discussed how defining his purpose helped General Mohammadu Buhari get his message across to partners, strategist and even the masses. His purpose did not change since his first try in 2003 yet he did not win that bid or the two other times he vied for the presidency of this country. So, what changed the purpose and dream that people refused to buy into in 2003 to a desire people begged for in 2015?

The answer is simple: RESILENCE!

Most times, after you define your dreams and have gone through the rigors of making it clear to your mind, the next natural step to take is to communicate it to others and maybe build a team to pursue this purpose with. It is at this critical stage that you are likely to experience the most resistance and the most discouragement.

Some people may buy into your idea from the very beginning but they could be one of three types of followers:
they could be people that love and admire you either romantically or due to your common parentage or people that think themselves to be obliged to you or just people that do not stand for anything and so they are quick to be swayed
by any idea that is sold to them. These type of people are less likely to make any difference or relevant contributions to the pursuit of your dreams but they are a good start.

To clarify the point I am trying to make in the paragraph above, General Mohammadu Buhari had the same purpose
in 2003 as the purpose he had in 2015. He communicated his purpose even more clearly in 2003 than he did in 2015. yet, he was embraced mostly by his family, friends, party members and people who think they are obliged to him due to their religious affiliations. These type of people are did not add any value but commotion because they are mostly controlled by emotions and not the goal or the purpose. Hence, he failed that bid but that was a good start.

“At all at all na im bad pass!”

The result of the 2003 election was supposed to be discouraging but he didn’t flinch. He knew that good things
are worth waiting for. So he fought again and again and again until the nation noticed him, trusted him and gave him their support. So, by persevering, being consistent and faithful to a worthwhile purpose, he was able to make his dream come true. This truth is comprehended better by advertisers because they believe that you have to shove an idea or a product to consumers face about ten times before you are able to convert them into buyers.

In like manners, do you dream of making a million? Dating the most beautiful woman in the city or even making
heaven?? Then if you purpose in your heart, and believe that the rewards of achieving this purpose are worthwhile, then you have to resolve to pursue the purpose no matter how long it takes because if you ever going to make some real progress in your pursuit of your purpose and the happiness it brings, then it is important that you learn the act of consistence and resilience.

You cannot keep swaying from one idea to the next or from one business to the next. That may be praised ‘in the streets’ as the traits of a true hustler but if you want a long term profitable and satisfying wins, consistence and perseverance are key traits to winning.

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