Platform Wedges are shoes that have thick soles under the front part of the foot and balanced high heels with a wedge shape. They give you added height and they are easy to walk in. It is a very fashionable pair of footwear and it looks good on a lot of ladies and also complement a wide variety of outfit.

Platform wedges come in a variety of styles, therefore depending on the occasion and what you like, you can make a choice between open toes, sandals, slippers, pumps or boots.

If you have thick ankles, platform wedges are ideal for you as it makes the ankle appear thinner.

Go for platform wedges with solid colours as wild colours can clash with your outfit.

Platform wedges can be worn with a series of outfit from long dresses to short ones, long skirts, mini skirts, palazzo pants and jeans. The most important thing is to mix it and match with your outfit properly.

When worn with long dresses or long skirts, they give an illusion of extra height.

An open toe platform wedge will go well with a pair of jeans and make you look more feminine.

You can also accessorize with a statement necklace when you are wearing simple platform wedges to turn your look to a more dressy one.

Platform wedges are safe to wear as the shoe gives you good balance by supporting your body weight thereby making it safe to wear.

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