video conference

video conference

There are times you need to speak to a person face to face and one on one but the means to do this is not available. Talking and speaking on the phone and sending messages by mails is not enough as you need to meet that person and immediately to.

The world is moving at a fast pace and people need to make decisions concerning their work and businesses but meeting people face to face is not possible due to people staying in different locations.

It is now possible to overcome these obstacles as people can now meet and see each other without necessarily being in the same location with the use of video conferencing.


Video conferencing is an advanced means of communication that involves connecting people in two or more locations through audio and video transmissions at real time.


A. NO TIME BARRIER: Video conferencing can be conducted at any time as the time zones round the world do not matter as people do not need to travel.

B. SAVES TIME: Video conferencing helps to save valuable time that would have been used in traveling as people can still meet other without being in the same location

C. MORE PRODUCTIVITY: With less time spent traveling and people being able to meet easily and make decisions faster, productivity is improved.

Despite the advantages there are also disadvantages which include:

D. IT IS EXPENSIVE: To set up the feature of video conferencing is quite expensive especially for small companies.

E. TECHNICAL ISSUES: There could be break down in communication during a meeting due to technical issue or hitches which waste time and disrupt meetings leading to problems for companies.

Despite these disadvantages, Video conferencing is still a good feature for organizations to have as it helps in the growth and development of the organization.

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