Keloids are thickened scars that form on the skin, They are formed as protusions on the skin with smooth and shiny surfaces. They can be red or purple in colour. They have Irregular shapes and can get bigger with time.

Keloids come about as a result of the healing process after an injury to the skin and they can extend beyond the area of the injury, the scars can also start forming months after the injury has healed. The scars are big because excess amount of collagen grow in it. Keloids can appear after burns, piercings to the ears or body, acnes, cuts and surgery.

Darker skin toned people tend to get keloid often than other people but that does not mean that people of other races do not get it. They can be found around the ear hole, chest, shoulder and back.

In most cases, keloids do not cause pain but they can be itchy. It can be a source of embarrassment for people who have them and they always seek medical attention to get rid of it.

Treatment of Keloid

Treatment are of various types and these include the following:

  1. Cortisone injections: these help to flatten out keloids
  2. Laser: this treatment is expensive but after it flattens out the keloid, it makes it less conspicuous.
  3. Surgery: this is done to remove the scar, but the downside is that the keloid can grow back and become bigger than before.
  4. Application of silicon gel sheeting to the scarring over a period of time.

How you can prevent yourself from getting Keloids

Keloids can’t be prevented but you can avoid some of the things that cause it. Avoid getting cuts on your skin, tatoos body or ear piercings to prevent the risk of having it.



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