A rinse is a temporary colour that can be applied to hair. Natural Colour rinses can be made at home with herbs, dried flowers and tea to mention a few. They are more beneficial for the hair because they make the scalp and the hair healthy.

Why do People use Colour Hair Rinse on their Hair.

People apply colour rinse on their hair for a number of reasons. It could be to cover graying hair, to look more beautiful, to get a different look, to add
more depth to hair, to reduce dandruff and to stimulate hair growth.

Why Should you use a Natural Colour Hair Rinse.

It is better to use a natural colour rinse for your hair instead of hair dye, this is because hair dyes damage the hair by putting colour deposits in the
hair shaft. Colour rinses only stain the outer layer of the hair and it is gentler on your hair. It causes little or no damage to your hair shaft.

To avoid damaging your hair, you are better off with a rinse and even when you have damaged hair, using a natural colour hair rinse won’t cause further damage to your hair.

Different Types of Natural Colour Rinses.

There are different natural hair rinses which can be used to colour the hair

1. Sorrel leaves can be used for a red hair rinse, add a cup of water to one cup of sorrel leaves and let it boil. Let the water boil for 5 minutes before
you put out your fire. Afterwards, leave it for an hour to steep. Strain out the sorrel leaves and pour the liquid on your hair before washing out with cold water

2. For a blond colour rinse, you will need the juice of a whole lemon, a table spoon of olive oil and half cup of water. Mix them together in a spray bottle. After spraying on hair, blow dry or sit in sunlight.

3. For a dark coloured rinse, you will need a few spoonful of henna and lemon juice. Mix until it forms a paste in the bowl. Cover the bowl and leave it
overnight. Part dry hair into 4 sections and put on your gloves and begin to apply the paste on to all sections of your hair. Make sure you touch the root and the length of your hair with the paste. When you are through with the application, Put on your shower cap and leave it in your hair for 3-4 hours before you wash off.

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