If you don’t want to use chemical dye for your hair because of the tons of chemicals it deposits on your head, one of the best natural alternatives is
henna. Henna is a natural conditioner and apart from dying your hair, it makes it shiny and bouncy and the hair becomes fuller while stimulating hair growth.

Applying henna to your hair is a messy affair, but thinking about all that shiny and lustrous hair you will be getting afterwards is enough motivation to go ahead with it. It doesn’t change your natural hair color, it only makes it deeper.

To make your mixture, you need hot water and either apple cider vinegar or lemon. Mix it together with henna until it forms a paste, then cover it and
leave it for 12 hours or overnight for the dye to be released. You can add honey to help with moisturizing when you are about to apply the henna to your hair.

To apply the mixture to your hair, you need the following: a pair of gloves as henna stains will remain for several weeks on your hand if you don’t use
gloves, old newspapers to protect the floor of your bathroom from the stains, old clothes that you can afford to have stains on, a paint brush in case yo don’t want to use your hands to apply it. You also need to rub vaseline on your hairline and around your ears to prevent henna from sticking to your skin in those areas.

Start applying by putting the henna in small sections until you cover the whole hair from root to tip, then cover with a shower cap and leave it in between 2- 4 hours depending on how deep you want the color to be.

Wash off the henna and use conditioner to wash it. You can wash with shampoo 3 days later. Washing hair with shampoo immediately after washing off henna gives the hair a very orange color. Over the next three days, the color of your hair will keep getting darker.

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