Ogueri is a masculine Ibo name, though not frequently used but still exist amongst the Ibo community in the south east part of Nigeria. The name can be somehow regarded as a heroic name as it has two different levels of meaning. Firstly it means a child born during war period and secondly, that the child survived the war amidst all odds.
Most times children born during war periods hardly survive it because of the harsh and deplorable conditions that accompanies war situation. Many at times children within this period, suffer from one form of disease or the other like, pneumonia, dysentery, kwashiorkor, worms, etc.
When a child is affected by either of these health conditions, most times health care services are usually unavailable in war situations, thereby leading to the total neglect of these children which may consequently lead to their death.
But when a child is born within this period and his lucky enough not to be affected by any of these health cases or even if affected, he miraculously survives it till the end of the war period, is regarded as an Ogueri.
Ogueri is a positive name, at the same time a historic name which points back to the period of war or war times . It is also a heroic name which implies victory.


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