This article is for entrepreneurs who wish to start a magazine business.  Whether you want to create a mag about your favorite activity (Make up? Soccer? Following celebrities?)or maybe you want to get information out into the world about an issue you are passionate about. Whatever your reason, this article will help you through the process of creating a magazine and running it successfully.

Before you start building your publishing
empire,you need to create something. If you have not done so already, sit down with a goo friend and start bouncing ideas off each other, and see what emerges. Ask questions like:

*What the topic of your magazine will be. You should focus on things you love and know well, whether that is sports, fashion, computers, or social networking. Creating a magazine based on your passions will be more engaging, relevant, and useful to your readers than a topic you have no relationship with.

*Who is your target audience? This will help you focus on your possibilities. For example, if your topic is fashion, your demographic will have a huge impact on the style and substance of your magazine, as well as potential ad revenue. For example,If your target market is teenage girls/boys, you’ll approach the writing, content, even the logo and color scheme much differently than you would if you were targeting men over 40, or gender-neutral 20-somethings. Determine the age, gender, income level, geographic location, and education level of your target audience.

*What caliber will your magazine be? As odd of a question as this may be, you will have to decide if you want your magazine to be an authority on a subject (like cooking or fashion) or if you want your magazine to be light, gossipy publication.
You should decide on the benefits you want to provide your readers. While some magazines set out to be a recognized authority on a subject, such as fishing or fashion, others want to primarily entertain with information about pop culture and politics.

You should create a concept that is new and different. You want your magazine to stand apart from others consumers see on the newsstand. Think of a niche that is not currently filled by popular publications. Be able to definitively answer the question of why the market needs your magazine.

Plan the content and design of your magazine. Even if you are experienced with graphic design, hire a design consulting firm that has worked with other magazine start ups. The combination of your fresh ideas and their practical experience will help make your first issue eye catching and content rich.

You would want your magazine to be widely recognized. Create an online edition. Use the web presence to reach out to potential subscribers through social networking and Internet advertising. Provide free content but have other content that readers download with paid subscriptions.

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