One thing I like about life is a challenge. Now I know some of you will be skeptical about all that we have said here concerning intelligence, how it can help you succeed in life and how you can improve your intelligence. The truth is that I don’t want you to take me for my word. I will want you to try it out.

Test your intelligence now and then put some work into improving it and then re-test after a while and see for yourself!

There are a number of different methods which claim to measure intelligence, the most famous of which is the IQ, or
intelligence quotient test. In the formation of such tests many psychologists treat intelligence as a general ability operating as a common factor in a wide variety of aptitudes. However, CQ (creative quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient), to name just two examples, have come to be regarded as equally important as, or even more important than, IQ measurement.

So when you want to test your intelligence, please take a well rounded approach to it and obtain a test in all these three aspects.

I have to state here that just because your IQ test score is poor doesn’t meant you are dumb. It only means you need
improvement in your analytical skill. If you suck at the creative test, you should sob or feel bad about it; by the way, we cannot all be musicians and great artist. You may/may not be good in the emotional test. If you are, there goes your gold: develop it and mine it till you become a force that the world reckons with. Emotional Intelligence makes a great leader.

To get tested for Creative Quotient (IQ)

To get tested for Emotional Quotient (IQ)

To get tested for Intelligence Quotient
(IQ) –

Then come back here to and tell us what you find. We will provide you will tailor course to help you improve any of these intelligence.


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