Teen depression is a mental and emotional disorder. It can be associated with higher level of stress, anxiety and can lead to suicide. Research has revealed that one out of every teen suffer from teen depression.

A lot of factors can be responsible for teen depression, these include feeling of inadequacy, early childhood trauma, social status with peers, heredity and environmental stress.

A noticeable change will be observed in the thinking and behavior of teens with depression. They might show all or some of the following signs and symptoms.

1. Withdrawal from family and friends

2. Hostility, Irritability and aggression

3. Lack of interest in things happenings around them

4. Change in eating pattern

5. Change in sleeping pattern

6. Poor grades

7. Loss of memory

8. Indecision

9. Feelings of hopelessness

10. Substance and alcohol abuse

11. Suicidal thoughts

12. Sexual promiscuity

13. Frequent aches and pains
Basically, friends and family should try and be more vigilant to notice any change in their peers or children’s behavior as this can go a long way in helping the teenagers involved.


Teen depression can be treated by using medications, psychotherapy, Talk therapy, family therapy and lifestyle adjustment. In the case of severe depression, hospitalization in the psychiatric unit might be required

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