It is important to take proper care of your contact lens so as to avoid complications that can damage your vision or even cause blindness. To take proper care of your contact lens, do the following.

Wash your hands with a mild soap that has no oil or perfume so that it doesn’t leave a film on your hands which can be transferred to the contact lens when you are handling it, as this can irritate your eyes and also give you blurred vision. Thereafter, rinse the hands properly and dry your hands with a lint- free towel.

Proceed to cleaning your contact lens with the solution that was recommended by your eye care professional because using any kind of cleaning solution you can lay your hands on can pose a danger to you when used.

Clean each contact lens gently by rubbing it in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution even when using a no rub solution and rinse it thoroughly to loosen any debris on it.

Put your cleaned contact lens in a lens holder and add fresh solution to it to disinfect it.

Wear your contact lens for the recommended length of time daily by your eye care professional.

While sleeping, do not wear your contact lens as it can dry out and irritate your eyes, though there are some contact lenses that can be worn while sleeping which is always available on prescription by your eye care professional.

Do not wear other people’s contact lens to avoid the risk of being infected.

If you feel any discomfort after putting on your contact lens, take it out and don’t use it till you have spoken to your eye doctor as it can make your eyes get infected.

If you have any irritation in your eye, blurred vision, eye pain, swelling, sudden loss of vision or an infection in your eye, go and see your doctor.

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