Cancer is an illness caused by the abnormal growth of cells in the body. These cells then form a lump which is called a tumor but not all tumors are cancerous.

There are different types of cancer in the body which arise from the different cells in the body, therefore they behave differently, grow at different rates and respond to different types of treatment. Cancer treatment varies and depending on the type, treatment may include radiation, chemotherapy or surgery.

Cancer at its early stage usually has no symptoms but later a malignant tumor will grow big and be detected. There are warning signs to indicate the presence of cancer in the body.


1. Change in bowel and bladder habits

2. Sore throat that does not heal

3. Unusual bleeding and discharge

4. Lumps in the breast, testicles or other places.

5. Chronic indigestion or difficulty in swallowing things.

6. Change in size, colour, shape and thickness of a mole.

7. Hoarse or nagging cough.

8. Weight loss and loss of appetite

9. Fatigue, nausea and vomitting

10. Persistent low grade fever

11. Recurring infections

12. Terrible bone pain

If anyone develops these signs and symptoms and they persist for more than two to three weeks. It is advisable to arrange to have a medical examination.

If cancer is detected early, the better the chances that treatment might be successful. If not treated, cancer can cause serious illness and lead to death.

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