A shirt dress is one that is long enough to be qualified as a dress. You can wear it as a one piece clothing or wear it with other clothing when worn as a top. It makes you look very feminine and it can be worn casually or worn for more serious occasions.

You can wear your shirt dress with a belt to define your waist area.

Layer your dress with an underskirt, a short or a camisole to get a chic look.

Shirt dresses can be worn over denim. To pull off this look, go for a short shirt dress and skinny jeans. You can also swap the skinny jeans for leggings.

For a dressy look, pair the shirt dress with strappy sandals, platform wedges or ankle boots.

To get an official look, put on a blazer over your dress.

To achieve a casual look, wear sneakers or slip on with your shirt dress.

Wear accessories with your shirt dress to spice up your look. Wear layered necklaces or statement necklaces with small earrings or wear a bold bangle with statement earrings to match.

Turn your shirt dress into a skirt by layering it with a sweater and you have a completely different outfit altogether.



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