Formal gatherings and offices comes to mind when you think about wearing a pencil skirt, but they are not only skirts that can be worn for formal occasions, they can also be worn differently to achieve a casual look and you can get pretty dressed up by pairing a pencil skirt with the right top.

Pair a crop top with a high waisted pencil skirt for a chic and sophisticated look. This can be worn during the daytime and for night outings.

It can be worn to the office by wearing a shirt or a blouse over it, and you can also layer your blouse with a blazer for a more conservative office look. Add a statement necklace to brighten up this look a bit.

People of different shapes and sizes can wear the pencil skirt, therefore, if you have a big tummy, wear a cardigan over the blouse you have on your pencil skirt and use a thin belt to accentuate your waist. Alternatively, wear a pencil skirt with a wide band to conceal your tummy.

You can achieve a casual look with pencil skirt in a variety of ways, wear any colour of pencil skirt apart from black because most times a black pencil skirt signifies formal dressing and pair with a tank top. You can wear printed tee- shirts, brightly coloured belts and comfortable flats.

Wear pointed heels with your pencil skirt to make your legs look longer, thereby giving an illusion of height. If you like wearing sandals, you can go for strappy sandals as they make the legs look leaner while wearing pencil skirts.

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