A  church is  a  place of  worship for believers, it comprises  of  the priest, the  church  workers like  the  steward, the  worshipers and the  church  building itself.  There  are  many  types of  churches  but the  two  most common  type  of churches  include ; Christian  churches and  Muslim  churches. For the  Christian  churches it is  coordinated  by a  priest  who has  the  calling to  minister  or has  been  trained in  a  theological school.  Once  one has  all  theses qualifications ,  he  can start  a  church of  his  own.  Therefore guides to help a pastor start a church are.

1. Have the calling and/or attend a pastoral school. Nowadays, many people have the calling in their many ways. Some pastors have claimed that each time they sleep; Jesus appears to them in their sleep and asks them to go into evangelism.

2. Name your church
and register your Church at Corporate Affairs Commission
. For your church to be recognized by Nigerian laws, you must register it with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

CAC is mandated with the sole responsibility of registering all churches and giving them unique
names chosen and submitted by their owners.

The name you register your church with is unique to it alone and nobody is allowed to name after
their church that same name under CAC acts.

3. Go on evangelism. Now you are done registering the church, congratulations! However, the next line of action on how to start a church in Nigeria is going on evangelism. Go to schools, markets, motor parks and other public places, and
preach about Christ.

4. Generate money for your new church. Apart from tasking the members of your church to donate to the new church project, you may write books and sell at a fee as a way of generating money independently to fund your
church building project.

The proceeds generated from the books you write about God, Jesus Christ, wealth, success, leadership, love, Christ’s teaching, wisdom, etc. will be channelled into the project.  You may also consider opening a special bank account for it so that people can credit it no matter where they are in Nigeria. Therefore, if you are thinking of how to start a church in Nigeria, you must think of how to generate money to fund your church building
project as well. 5. Start the church building project. This is the last stage of the steps on how to start a church in Nigeria. When members of the church see that the money they donate are judiciously channeled into building a church for God, they will be compelled to do even more as a way of contributing their quota.


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