Black tea is not only meant for drinking, your hair can also benefit from this caffeine laden tea. This is because it reduces the rate at which hair is shed. Shedding of hair happens due to a lot of reasons such as post pregnancy issues, stress and weight loss.

The black tea rinse works by blocking the hormone called DHT (dihydrotestoterone), which is responsible for hair loss. The caffeine in black tea is responsible for blocking this hormone which in turn reduces shedding of hair.

The black tea being referred to is Lipton, Top tea, Tetley or any other brand of black tea you can find. To do a black tea rinse, boil half a litre of water and put in two teabags of your choice to steep, you can use more than two teabags and more water if you have longer hair. Leave the teabags in till the water cools down to room temperature or leave the teabags in the water overnight. Wash your hair and look for an old top to wear before you pour the tea on your scalp and hair because black tea stains, then cover with a shower cap for 10-60 minutes.

After rinsing off the tea, you need to deep condition your hair because black tea makes the hair very dry.

The resultant effect is that your hair becomes fuller, softer and also there is more shine and bounce to your hair. Black tea also darkens the hair over time when used regularly, so if you are looking for how to darken your hair naturally, it will be beneficial for colouring your hair.

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