cucumberCucumber is one of the most popular health food. The green vegetable is a great addition to salads and sandwiches. Some people experience some discomfort after eating this vegetable. The only option available to this people is either to give up eating cucumber completely or find new ways of eating them.

The vegetable contains a compound called cucurbitacine which causes indigestion for some people. There are burpless varieties of cucumber. The cucurbitacine in this varieties have been removed therefore it contains less gas and is good for eating.

Cucumber causes allergies such as swelling, hives on the mouth, throat and tongue and it also causes itchy skin. You can grill your cucumber before eating it to avoid these allergies.

There is a waxy finish on cucumbers bought from supermarkets, though classified as food grade, they have some artificial chemicals in them and some people are sensitive to them. The wax does not allow the cucumber lose moisture. For those sensitive to bee wax, the cucumber should be washed thoroughly under running water or the skin should be peeled before consumption. An alternative is to buy your cucumber from organic food sections as these do not have wax coatings.

Eating cucumber can lead to excessive vitamin C build up in the body. When the recommended level of the vitamin C in the body is exceeded, you will be prone to acne, premature aging and cancer.

Stay away from cucumber if you have any chronic respiratory condition as it can aggravate such conditions and lead to complications. It also causes excessive loss of fluid in the body when eaten in large quantities.

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