In the past years, man wandered about the surface of the earth in darkness, not knowing the world he lives in, how his world looks like, how his world works, how he can control and protect his world, and so many questions yet to be answered.   Consequently, the lack of knowledge on these key issues of his existence on earth made him a prey to his own environment, no wonder these eras were called dark ages. Soon after,  some great thinkers like Socrates, thought out of the box and put forward that the mysteries behind mans existence on earth can only be unlocked from above; in his philosophy that reads

—– *̎Man must rise above the earth to the top of the atmosphere and beyond for only thus will he fully understand the world he lives in—–.*

Fortunately Socrates philosophy saw the light of  the day when satellite was  invented many years after. A satellite is therefore an electronic device or machine that orbits the earth. It is different from other natural satellites like the moon, mars etc, that orbit  the sun because it is categorised as extraterrestrial while the latter is classified as celestial. The main functions of satellites is to collect information and for communication. There are many types of satellites depending on the purpose for which they were built for, for instance is   DSTV, for dishing out exciting digital TV programs and bouquets to its subscribers around the globe.   We also have COMSAT, which is solely for communication, there are other ones for military, agriculture, weather, etc. A   satellite can be launched into space through a rocket launcher or carrier, once it is launched it starts orbiting the earth.

The   benefits of satellite to man cannot be over emphasized. Through satellite, the study of Earth science, including; the land, ocean and atmosphere, is made possible.   To the extent that man can predict his weather, (metro-logy).   He can determine his  geographical position and landscape, (geosciences), he can see all the oceans of the earth and what goes on in them. Furthermore, through satellites, man gets to know when harmful and Earth-threatening huge rocks and objects like meteors and comets, threaten to strike the Earth.   This  is  seen by a satellite and sends signals back to Earth, which is quickly resolved either by firing missiles from Earth or from space to   the moving objects either to shatter it into pieces or divert its direction to elsewhere.   Satellites also help man to know when his ozone layer is thinning away due to green house emission   that results to global warming and subsequently flooding. And lastly but not the least, is that satellites helps man in the area of   networking technology, for instance, in mobile communication, emailing, website, internet televising, (DSTV) etc. It also serves as a library that stores and documents millions of files and documents on space, which can be accessed through the provision of internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

In conclusion, the invention of satellite was the much needed technological advancement required to help man answer the numerous questions concerning his existence and world, as philosophized by Socrates.


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