Are you sure you are washing your hair right, a lot of us are not aware that the way we wash our hair is the wrong way, the following tips will let you know if you are washing your hair right or not and help you make the necessary adjustment during your next washing.

Start your washing by rinsing your hair with warm water (not hot water) to open up the pores on your head and loosens the oils in the scalp.

Mix equal parts of shampoo with equal parts of water before using it to wash your hair, do not apply shampoo directly to the hair.

Apply to the scalp and hair at the roots but not the ends of your hair as shampoos can dry off hair ends. Massage ur scalp gently while you are at it. The instruction on most shampoo bottles says to shampoo the hair twice, but there is no need for this, once is enough.

Rinse the hair thoroughly and then apply conditioner. When applying conditioner, do not start from the root, start from the middle of the hair and work it to the ends of your hair while detangling gently with your hands or a wide toothed brush. Leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes before washing it out.

Do a final rinse for your hair with cold water as this will help close the pores on your head and give the hair more shine.

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