Loss of libido occurs in men and women. It could be an indicator for other
underlying problems. You need to see your doctor if this problem does not go
away. A lot of factors are responsible for loss of  libido, the following information gives an
insight into the causes.

Low levels of testosterone in men can cause low libido because libido is
related to the level of testosterone.

Medications such as those used to treat enlarged prostrate, high blood pressure
and some types of anti-depressants can result to loss of libido. Speak to your
doctor if you feel your medication is responsible for your loss of libido so
that you can get a different one.

If you are feeling depressed, your sex life can be affected, therefore you need
to see your doctor to get treatment for it.

Drinking excessive alcohol use of hard drugs can be a factor of loss of libido,
therefore you need to drink moderately and stop using drugs.

If you are stressed and exhausted, it can lead to you having low libido. You
will need to make some lifestyle changes to help you cope with it.

When women approach menopause and the oestrogen hormone begins to reduce, their
libido can be affected. If you speak to your doctor about this, you can be
given hormone replacement therapy.

An Underactive thyroid gland can affect your libido, this can be treated by
taking hormone tablets.

Use of certain types of contraception may lead to loss of libido, speak to your
doctor so that you can be changed to an alternative method.

Some medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases
are causes of low libido. If you feel this is responsible, talk to your doctor
so as to change your medications.

Also, unhappiness in a relationship can affect your libido, you might need to
get help concerning your relationship if this is the cause of your loss of

Loss of libido can damage relationships, therefore you should see a doctor to
know how to manage the situation properly.

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