exam preparation

Examination Preparation

Exam time are one of the most dreaded time by student a all levels from kindergarten to higher institutions. This is not just because student would be tested on what they have learnt over the term/semester or year but more also, because it could be stressful and nerve. Wracking. However, knowing the right way to prepare for an exam could make exam time one of the beautiful period to look forward to by student and here are few tips to make your exam time stress-free and a moment to savor.

1. Relax: Hey! This is just an exam and not a trial-for-murder courtroom with death sentence imminent. Deal with your anxiety. Often time anxiety come as a result of lack of preparation. So, the best way to deal with this is to prepare for your exam ahead of time. Though some fellows still have this feeling of anxiety even after high level preparation, this could be explain as irrational feeling which if well handled, such fellow could use it to their advantage.

2. Have Enough Time For Study: Oftentimes student leave it a little too late to start making preparations for their exams. This means there will be little time to study so much. This could be exhausting and student might not get the best of their study hence, most result to cramming. Leave a good time for your exam preparation and organise your study time and space accordingly knowing which subject or area to devout more time to so as to cover all areas. Remember to take breaks in between studies as a long-hour stretch of study may not really be helpful for proper assimilation for most students. Also plan your exam day. Be acquainted with the routes to the venue, items required for the exam and every other things you may need to aid your success at the exam.

3. Past Exam Question: Studying past exam question is really helpful during exam preparation as it gives a clue into what should be expected in the exam and also it reveals to a greater extent the exam format. This is one of the most effective way to study for exams. So, study as many past questions as possible. You can also time yourself like you are taking a mock test and let someone monitor you.

4. Study Groups Are Helpful: You can also have a study group especially when you have your mates around your locality. This gives room to sharing of ideas and each can learn from the other.
Caveat: Study group must be for the purpose of study and sharing of ideas and not a time to chit chat or delve into other discussions not related to the exam.

5. Watch Your Diet And Do Exercise: Exam period is the period to watch your diet. Avoid as much as possible the junk foods and feed your body as well as your brain with food known to aid concentration and memory such as fish, vegetables, nuts, blueberries, yogurt and fruits. Also take a lot of water and exercises. Even on exam day, eat a healthy meal before going for your exam but be sure they are not heavy food. Drink a lot of water as it helps you to relax going into the exam. Again have a good rest before going for your exam as this helps to relax your nerves and muscles which ultimately translates to high degree of calmness and concentration at exam.

Good Luck.

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