Chafing is a painful burning rash that develops when repetitive friction is generated by skin to skin contact of multiple body parts or friction from clothes. Friction is generated on the skin by rubbing and other activities like walking or working out. If left untreated, it can become infected. The body areas commonly affected by chafing includes the nipples, groin area, armpits and in between the thighs.

How to Prevent Chafing.

Chafing can be prevented by doing the following:

  1. Apply a lubricant such as Vaseline to the spots where your skin rub against each other to reduce friction to the skin.
  2. Keep the areas of your body where the skin rub against each other dry by applying talcuthigh slydzm powder to it as it helps
  3. Keep moisture away from the skin.
  4. Apply deodorant to your armpits to keep it from sweating.
  5. Wear protective clothing. Thigh slydz or tights can be worn on the thigh to prevent excessive friction.

Treatment of Chafing.

1. Clean the affected skin with water and apply a lubricant like Vaseline to it.

2. If the skin is irritated, swollen and bleeding, your doctor might recommend a medicated ointment for your use.

Soft breathable fabrics and let your skin heal from chafing before you become active again. Continued friction can worsen the situation and you could become infected.

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