Its that time of the year when people have to call in for the meteorologist reports either from the tv or any other media outlet before checking out of their houses each day either to work, school, social functions or business engagements. The rains are pouring heavy every now and the apprehension on people’s faces as they scamper for safety each time the sky darkens and the cloud thickens ready to precipitate, shows the rain is catching most people off guard.

Checking out for the weather forecast before leaving the house now and then is not enough guarantee that you wouldn’t be cut in the web of this often unexpected rain.  The key to be on a safe side is getting fully prepared so as not to be drenched by the rain. Here are five must-have item you need in this rainy season.

1. Umbrella: The umbrella readily comes to mind anytime the rain begins to march on the roofs or splatter on the pavements. The best time to buy an umbrella is certainly during the raining season. They come in variant form, colour and sizes. From the traditional umbrellas to the full-body umbrella. There are also the Votes V umbrella types as well as the Rain coat with built-in umbrella. The choice is a matter of convenience of carrying them about and the severity of the rain with its often accompanied wind.

2. Rain Boots: In as much as the umbrella shields the upper body from the torrents of water from the sky, our shoes are not greatly protected by this simple tool. Water has the most efficacy in damaging shoes hence, leaving our shoes to the mercy of rain drop wouldn’t be a wise decision. A rain boot is the ideal shoe for the raining season. It not only save us from the damaging effect of water on leather shoes, it also help keep our foot dry away from contact with the rain as most of them are made of rubber synthetic that are water resistant.

3. Extra shirts and clothing: You will certainly need some extra cloth to change to especially when drenched by the rain. You wouldn’t want to go into that office or that business meeting soaked from head to toe hence, a change of raiment might be necessary sometimes. Going out with extra shirt, pant and even undies in this rainy season wouldn’t be out of place as they can come in handy and helpful when you least expected.

4. Waterproof Bag: Yes you will need a waterproof bag to carry some of your items. Your files, paper documents, books, laptops, smartphones and even the extra cloths need to be locked away safe in a place where the rain drop won’t have access to them. The waterproof bag is your safe bet. Luckily, there are smart and classy waterproof bags that will fit in into any of your occasions without necessarily disrupting your carriage and look.

5. A good Wallet: You will seriously need this one to keep those paper bills from getting wet inside the pockets of your pants. Quite a number of this wallet are durable and waterproofed or nylon coated and can prevent water from getting in to a greater degree. You will also need some extra cash in there as cost of things mostly transportation seems to sky rocket once the rain starts dropping.

Rain is good, but getting drenched in it isn’t certainly the best of experience. So, before you get soaked up with the showers that’s accumulated in the cloud, do yourself the honour by getting these rain-proof items and be on a safe side.

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