dressing colour

dressing colour

Mixing Color is not the sort of thing that anyone is born knowing how to do, but that’s a good thing. It’s not a talent. It’s a skill. And like any other skill, it can be learned.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to know which colors you should wear with that green shirt or that blue skirt… but there are some definite rules that govern which colors look best with one another. Colour Black may go with everything, but there are two colours it does not go well with. Don’t pair it with navy blue. They are too close, but not quite to look good together.

Never pair black with brown unless you’re really really certain.
Another thing to bear in mind while mixing colours is that white and cream also do not go together, because it makes it look as though you were trying to match your colors and failed (cream and brown, however, go together very well).

Brown and grey don’t go well together, either. They are both too neutral and more or less colorless to enhance one another. Avoid colored trousers, unless you pair them with a neutral top (like red skinny jeans with grey sweater). Usually, however, colored trousers can overwhelm an ensemble and take the focus.

One needs to understand colour before mixing blindly which brings us to the need of understanding the ‘colour wheel‘.The Colour Wheel is valuable to knowing how to properly mix colours in your outfit without committing ‘fashion suicide‘.


Instead of dressing in a single colour of green, you could wear an outfit with a mix of lighter or darker tones of green. The best way to pull this off is by mixing different elements of a particular colour. In doing so, you will have achieved a variation in colour. It would seem like different colours but it’s still one colour. This combination can be subtle and sophisticated. Although shades of the same colour can sometimes be boring, this therefore creates the opportunity to play with patterns and texture.


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