Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online method of advertising businesses. The advertisers or publishers as the case may be, place images of their goods or services on strategic positions of the hosting website and when the advertised image is click on some money is deducted from the advertisers account by the hosting site which renders the service.

Benefits of using PPC

PPC has a lot of benefits compared with other advertising media
1. Unlike other types of advertising methods where you have to pay before you can advertise, with PPC you advertise before you pay.
2. More over, the charges involved in PPC are very much reduced. Some websites charge as low and 10cents per click.
3. The clicks you get are directly proportional to the views. And you are well informed of how many people clicked on your ad.
4. You are in total control of the charges and clicks you want to get. You can stop advertising any time you want or break in between.
5. Since the advert is on the internet, you can get a wider coverage; the internet is world wide so your advert is not limited to only those in your country. People from other countries of the world can also have access to your ad and therefore can demand for your product if it pleases them there by increasing the demand for your product/services.

When you want to advertise next time, be sure to use paid per click.

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