Everybody knows Ballet and most people think its fun. Ballet is more than just fun. Ballet is an artistic dance form primarily used to tell a story or convey an emotion. This style of dance has roots back into the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre indicates ballet dancing was considered an intricate part of important celebrations. During that point of history, anyone of nobility was instructed in the art of dance.

In the modern world, ballet is used more as a form of expression, and while the years have refined the steps and the movements, the benefits of ballet have not disappeared. Ballet dance offers the body, mind and soul a lot of benefits. As interesting as ballet is to watch, It goes beyond the fun.

Ballet builds Self-Confidence: The study of the ballet dance helps in the development of self-confidence. The ballerina learns what her body and mind are capable of. At the beginning of the ballet lessons, the newcomer may feel awkward. But as she keeps coming back, she begins to see that she can do a lot more than she ever thought possible. By the end of the class, as skills are combined in a performance, the dancer realizes that what she now can perform is beautiful. The confidence developed during ballet lessons is useful for both children and adults. Ballet helps us connect with others. Both in ballet class and while studying for a performance, one has an opportunity to develop skills in relating to others. Studies indicates that when a person performs an action while another person is performing the same action, it activates “mirror neurons” in the brain. It is speculated that these mirror neurons may play a role in helping us understand the behaviors of others and in learning new skills by imitation.

Ballet helps relieve stress. Ballerinas learn an outlet for emotional expression through Ballet. By using the body to express emotions, it helps to integrate the mind and the body. There is much being written these days on the relationship between unexpressed emotions and chronic pain. Through the integration and expression of emotions, we are able to move through emotional distress, and possibly through the causes of chronic pain and other disease. Ballet can help with depression and anxiety by increasing the neurotransmitter serotonin. Many anti-depressant medications act specifically on serotonin. These same medications are given to people for eating disorders, PMS, menopausal symptoms, fibromyalgia and other things.
If you want a flatter tommy, dance ballet. Ballet makes your waistline become more defined. Ballet class students’ back and ab muscles are strengthened over time, resulting in less back pains and a flatter abdomen.

Taking ballet lessons also makes you a lot more flexible. Chances are, the movements you will practice in your next ballet class give you an amazing and effective body flexibility workout because it uses muscles that aren’t often used in other sport activities. Ballet offers  Mental and Emotional Health benefits. Every ballet student will interpret each dance movement in their unique way, the release of this personal creative expression can be highly-therapeutic, promoting mental and emotional health.

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