Do you feel like you are losing your intelligence? Did you go through school easily with As and Bs but now find memorizing and remembering things to be difficult? Were you good at talking in front of people but find that these days it is getting harder to string coherent statements with friends?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then this article is for you!

People find that as they grow older, into their 50s and 60s, they tend to forget things easily. Their brain feel tired whenever they try to think and they notice a general decrease in cognizance and analytical skills. These days, we consider a decrease in intelligence in our 40s, 50s and 60s as normal processes but that don’t have to be so. The majority of world leaders are in their 50s, 60s and early 70s. Intelligence should only begin to drop naturally when a person is past the age of 75, otherwise, we will consider it as a loss of intelligence.

Below are some habits that may be contributing to the loss of your ability to acquire and apply knowledge, a skill that is so important to 21st century survival and success:

if you smoke, you may just be blowing your brain cells away. Studies at Sheba hospital, Tel Has homer, Israel have found that smoking a pack a day makes a person dumber by 7 IQ points. They however found that Marijuana doesn’t affect IQ levels.

Drinking Alcohol: 
Apparently, uncontrolled alcohol use can also damage brain cells. This is not far from the fact that alcohol causes inhibition by acting on brain cells; with time, this could kill brain cells resulting in less intelligence.

On a short-term basis, drugs can increase the brain’s performance thus increasing cognizance and intelligence but with long term use, they make you dull and eventually could turn you mad. Avoid them like snakes!

: in today’s world, stress is very common place. From students, workers and entrepreneurs, we all face tremendous amounts of stress. Stress in turn can reduce an individual’s intelligence therefore it is necessary to learn to curtail stress.

Depression: W
e all know how bad depression is but not all of us are aware that it can be a reason for dumbness. If you are experiencing any form of depression, please seek medical help

You know the rule of use and disuse. The more you refuse to engage your brain in challenging activities that may require analytical and creative skills, and then your brain will forget how to do that. Get off the music channel and go use your brain!

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