It is not new that the educational system is in a sorry state; where parents comfortably pay for exam-malpractice a.k.a ‘expo’ for their children to pass exams or register with huge amount at “miracle centres”.

Initially I thought it was only applicable to secondary and tertiary institutions, until I witnessed an incident in Lagos, where a mother paid for examination questions for her primary 2 child. The class teacher was paid for the exams, which he delivered the question paper a day before the exams, after several rehearsals of the answer with the child, the little child still failed the exams.

The point here is this, if at this stage, the child’s mindset is being groomed with such ideology, what then shall happen when the child is due to write common entrance, JSSCE, SSCE and in tertiary institution. Is he not among the supposed leaders of tomorrow as we were taught to know?

The Wole Soyinkas’ of their time, the AzikiwesChike Obis‘ etc. Will the mantle of leadership not fall on his time and age? What values can he add, when the time comes? I do not want to conclude his future at this stage, but something drastic needs to be done. We need to re-orient our young parents because this trend has to stop, if not we are in for it

More also, in our modern day private schools, where millions are paid, It is surprising that students don’t repeat class or fail exams! I suggest that radical approach needs to be applied, if we are to salvage the situation. A reputable monitoring team needs to be organised within academias to help rescue the system. The time to act is NOW.

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