In view of the current challenges facing Nigeria, I try to understand the problems facing us and ways to solve them. Looking at it, Nigeria and her citizens have mainly ideological problem. Ideology has been defined as ” a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory or policy”.

It can also be seen as the doctrine, myths, belief etc that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class or large group. Such a body of doctrine, myths etc. with reference to some political and social plan, as that of facism, along with the devices for putting it into operation. Our political class and some of our elites made us to believe that our major problem is corruption, but to me, it is not, rather our orentiation, mind set, purpose and aims as citizens of this country which constitutes our “ideology”, is our major problem. Let’s itemises some of our acts (present problems) as citizens, compare with people of other countries and cross examine our approach or people’s approach, we will understand that an average Nigeria “hates” the country.

1. What is the justification for our political class to cart away trillions of Nairia ment for project in his or her community, take these money to europe and america, buy properties worth billions of dollars. This money is suppose to be used to creat basic amenities in their community, they dump these money outside, come back to their community and still pass through bad and accidents prone roads stay without power, his immediate family members living in abject poverty because of no employment. Money for boreholes, catered away to saudi, dubai, south africa, neat and developed countries, forgetting that citizens of that country do not cart away their resources for their country to be developed, rather they worked and developed their place with the wealth of foolish individuals like them.

2. In a civilized nations, even mad man, cannot afford to allow his country not to enjoy constant power supply because of the little cursed wealth he or she is making from people being in darkness. An average America citizen will not allow such but in Nigeria we celebrate them, give them political positions, still they stay in darkeness, running generators from morning to morning, believeing that such is the definition of big man, to me, it is share foolishness and stupidity.

3. Our educational system is in a sorry state, we need no prophet to tell us that. Let’s look at the issue of “sorting” in our universities, a student pays a lecture either in cash or in kind to pass exams, let me ask, who is fooling who? All of us that graduated through this means are still shouting ” no employment in nigeria”. Who want to employ you? If you are an employer, while you employ someone who cannot make simple correct English statement or defend the certificate he or she is presenting, because he or she doesn’t know the basic things in their field of study. That’s why most employers are shouting that Nigeria graduates are unemployable. In the mist of low job opportunities, people still get job, so why are you not getting, get one, let’s now tackle low payment or under-employment rather than total unemployment. Let’s be creative and resources.

4. Insecurity in Nigeria has taken a dangerous sharp, people are screaming boko haram, militancy, kidnapping, robbery etc. Yes, crimes are everywhere, but peoples’ approach to them determines how long they will last. Every individual has negative tendecies but the way and many we go about them is the issue. Some of these insecurity problem that we have today in Nigeria is what I call ” Nigeria made”. These people didn’t just appear, they where organised, mobilized, groomed and nurtured by some Nigerian citizens. They created them, just for their own immdiate and short term goals, now we are were we are.

What is the reasoning behind such ideology from the onset? Just for personal gain, a few individual will jorpadise the feature of many others. Generally these individuals lives amongst us, they are our brothers and individuals, we dine with them, yet, we can apprehend them, afterall, they don’t affect us or they are not dangerous to us. Wicked ideology.

5. The current fuel subsidy crisis really depits our wicked ideology, where some individuals, less than 1percent of the population were more than willing, to crumble the entire nation because of their selfish interest without considering the effects it will have on the nation and its people. We thank God we survived it. I can go on and on, let’s look around our society, we will see such wicked acts promoted by poor ideology. I strongly advocate oreintation, re-orentiation and vocational, moral, and civic education through Adult Education using various channels, to educate all Nigerians, for the purpose of changing this low and wicked ideology against our dear nation.

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