For the pass few days, I listened, watched and read with disdain the continued oveflogging of the wadrope allawances by out legislatures. I continue to wonder, why are Nigerians always moved by little things and imbibe the habit of seeking short term solutions to our common problems.

The senators and house of reps wadrope allowances or salaries shouldn’t honestly be our problem, to me, our measure problem should be, why must we continue to sustain this two arms of legislature, what are they doing differently? What transpired with the last 7th assembly needs to make us to ask some hard questions. In four years, they could pass only but 54bills, their last day in office as senators, within 10mins, they passed 56bills.

This act need to tell us that these men are not only unserious but taking the job for granted. How do we justify such scene? What sense those it make? The most annoying part of it, is that they didn’t pass any reasonable bill that will promote the economy of the country, the PIB bill was swept under carpet. I strongly believe that what we Nigerians should be aggetating for is the scrapping of one of this houses, having a more responsive, comprehensive and productive legislative arm of government, making the assembly less attractive, educating the people on the expectations from their representatives. All these job hunters and half barked representatives will give way, for people that has the interest of the nation at heart to take over.

Let’s think in that direction rather than wasting resources and energy in ordinary allowances

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