beautiful breasts

Beautiful breasts

Saggy breasts is a woman’s worst enemy because it makes a woman feel and look old. Having saggy breast is very common, especially in women who have large breasts and who are aged. Adding to the problem, hormonal changes – both during pregnancy and as you reach menopause – make breasts sag even more. You can choose to carry out a plastic surgery. Apart from surgery, you can lift your breast up in a natural way.

Avoid applying soap on the area of​​the breast. Some types of soap can make the skin around the breast becomes dry. For an alternative,you can use sweet almond oil. You can also give a bit of essential oil such as lavender oil to soften as well as scent.

Your diet plays an important role.  Eat a healthy diet. Consume healthy foods, heavy on the veggies and fruits, and lower in animal protein, cakes, sugar, salt and foods with empty calories.

For women, chest exercises are important for lifting the fallen breast and are especially useful after a diet or after childbirth. One thing is certain-practicing proper exercises for breasts will benefit from toning and lifting the breasts, not by flattening the breasts, or other kind of myths.

Always wear the right sized bra as this will give your breasts optimal support. Women with larger breasts should always wear a bra as lack of support can cause their heavy breasts to droop.

Massage will improve the elasticity of the breasts. Apart from that, it will also hydrate and soften your breasts. Use olive oil to give your a massage every day. Almond oil and flaxseed oil also works fine to this.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. They are not good for the health. They cause wrinkles and this affects the bust too.

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