The life of a typical Nigerian student is full of activities- so much activity that he has no time for extracurricular
activities. Most young persons are quick to point out the ever demanding nature of school as the reason that they can’t make time to study other things, read other books or get involved in other projects. And they are right!

The today’s world is so busy. It is actually very busy that it has made everyone a multi-tasking machine. Distractions are everywhere. It is no longer a strange scene to see people answering a call, replying a mail and catching lunch at a park nowadays. There is just so much that needs to be done and just the same 24 hours to do all that.

Have you updated your Facebook page today? Did you wish the three of your friends you haven’t met since high school happy birthday? Have you checked what is new in the lives of these celebrities on instagram? Ohhh What
about stopping by at to read those enlightening new posts? Then you got to hear that new jam from Tuface… didn’t he make a video in south Africa last week? You haven’t watched that yet. Dang its 9pm already and Moji Makonjola is coming on with the network news on N.T.A. You see there is just so much and so little time to do all that

However, if you are in your middle twenties or late thirties, it may be time to cut out all of these noises and begin listening to your inner self. Observe your society and find which place you will fit in well and in which role will you serve humanity best.

Do this now because modern culture is filled with shallow glamour that don’t endure the test of time. You may find watching music videos as a harmless hobby but before you know it you are in front of the TV for hours each day-hours that you could use to improve your intelligence and your chance of survival.

Not sure how to improve your intelligence?? The next article discusses just that! here


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