Microsoft has confirmed that there exists a security hitch which has affected all of its window versions and they have also confirmed that their desktop operating system has been affected which could lead to passwords and user names of individuals personal computers getting exposed.

A statement from the company went on to say that this hitch is not a new type of attack but an old trick that is aimed at users trying to deceive them in order for them to click on some suspicious links.

For the users to be exposed, they will have to click on this suspicious links sent by the hacker before their computers will be exposed.

It is when these links are clicked that people’s passwords and usernames are taken after they have been confirmed in the background without giving any signal or displaying prompts to the user.

Microsoft further stated that since users are the targets, without their contribution such attacks cannot happen and will not be successful.

They also stated that even if users have the latest antivirus software they should avoid suspicious sites so that they will not be exposed to suspicious links which they can click and be exposed.

The company did not give any indication of a possible solution to the problem but this is expected to be addressed soon.

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