Most  Nigerian home videos, especially those with ibo setting and backgrounds frequently make use of this name, mgbeke. Mgbeke is a feminine ibo name used by the ibo community in south east part of Nigeria. It is a name given after a market day in ibo calendar within the tenets of ibo customology.

As ibo custom has it, the ibo calendar comprises of four market days in a week except Sunday that is meant for worship. The b market days are Eke, Orie, Afor and Ngwo. Therefore any child born in any of those days is   consequently named after that day, for example Mgbeke (meaning the day of Eke), Mgborie (meaning the day of orie), etc

However, in the wake of modernisation and civilisation, the name Mgbeke is no longer fashionable, as it is  regarded as a  local , rural and old fashioned name reserved only  for the illiterate and village girls.

In recent times the name has turned into a slogan, symbolizing backwardness, illiteracy, rural and primitive. For example, “ I saw Jane dressed like one Mgbeke like that.

Now we have known the real meaning and the perjured meaning of the name, we should hence forth be careful of how we address people in public with that name, because the person referred to surely will not find it funny   when that person gets to find out.

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