As an auxiliary to the lessons we have been learning from the life, times, failures and victory of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his successor General Mohammadu Buhari, we learn another very valuable lesson: ‘your life partner is a very important factor to your success or
’ and most importantly, to how you are perceived in the society.

Since the company you keep shapes who you become and the most protracted company you are likely to keep is your life partner, I believe that taking time to choose a partner and laying the right foundation to build your relationship upon is one of the most important acts one could make in his life.

President Goodluck Jonathan and president-elect Mohammad Buhari have one thing in common: They married well!

General Mohammad Buhari married a different woman earlier in his life. After five children, the shaky marriage finally broke down and they parted ways with each other. I wouldn’t go into the specifics of what happened but later on, he went on to marry Aisha. This woman, who is soon to become the first lady of Nigeria-even though GMB keeps her in the shadows most times- have been commended by people close to their family and the people of Daura as a whole as a woman who has always relentlessly supported her husband and his aspirations even when they looked stupid.

In the same manner, we all know how first lady Patience Dame Jonathan always stayed by her man as he navigated through life’s struggle and
hurdles. No one can accuse her of not being a supportive wife; rather we could say that she was over-supportive. But honestly speaking, there is no such thing like being over-supportive!

If you intend to win and succeed in life, then you need to put in time, thought and practical actions in choosing a life partner. Here are a series of question to help you marry well and succeed in your chosen field of endeavor.

What value do you and your partner place on money?

How much do you have in common in regards to religious philosophies?

What genuine traits do you like about him/her that makes you like her and how would these traits help you navigate troubled times that are bound to come in the future?

 How do you value relations? And how much time would you like to spend with your parents, siblings and other relations?

Do you want children? How many?

These are some of the questions you need to consider to help you build a solid foundation for a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Remember, Marriage is the most protracted relationship you would ever build and your relationships make or break you; So, Marry well and
succeed in life!

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