Career, according Oxford Dictionary of Current English is defined as an occupation that a person undertakes for a substantial period of their life. This could be likened to what one does for a living. There comes a time in life when one has to choose what he is going to do for a major part of his life. The part of career a man chooses to a greater extent shapes the man.

This post is not about choosing a particular career path over another as I believe each career path is worth the while hence, no career path is superior to the other if given the right approach. How well a career fare to a large degree depends on how well one is able to align himself to the dictates or demands of the career. Here are a few tips that could be key to having a great career in any choosing field of endeavour if properly and painstakingly imbibed.

1. Responsibility: This is the state of being responsible for something or someone. It is more of the ability or opportunity to act independently hence, you are solely responsible for the outcome of your career. A wise man defined Responsibility as the price for greatness.
No one makes anything great out of a career that he or she is not responsible for.

2. Purpose: Knowing one’s purpose in life is a great help in choosing a career path. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or for which something exist. Before choosing a career path, it is pertinent we ask ourselves our purpose in life. That will to an appreciable extent guide us in choosing our line of career.
Caveat: Purpose should not be self-centred. Let your purpose be about serving humanity. Let your purpose define you.

3. Determination: This is the firmness of purpose. This is being resolute in pursuing your purpose in line with your career. Gen.11: 1-6. Determination help remove the clog of distractions off your career wheel. No man will get much done in a career he is not determined to pursue.

4. Dedication: While Determination is Firmness of Purpose, Dedication is devotion to the Purpose or task. Dedication is the action that backs-up your resolve(determination). Dedication is the uncheckered actions you engage to see purpose fulfilled. It includes submitting to the practices of your field or career. Doing the right thing that will help promote or move your career to the next level. It could be in form of taking trainings, re-trainings, courses, certification and other stuffs that stands you out in your career.

5. Diligence: This is been careful and conscientious in carrying out your task or duties. Diligence is work- smart work at that. You can’t have a great success in career you are not diligent in pursuing. It takes diligence to make the most of your career. It is diligence that stands you out among many who are in the same career path with you. Read; Pr. 10: 4-5, Pr. 12: 11, 24, Pr. 13: 4, and Pr. 22: 29.

6. Discipline: This is the training that puts people to obey rules or code of behaviour in their various career line. This is exercising control over oneself to a course. It staying in line to the demands of your career and giving it your best at all times. Even Career itself is often times called Discipline.

In summary, each of these don’t work in isolation. They work better together. You can’t be more purposeful than you are determined. You can’t be said to be disciplined when you are not dedicated or diligent to career. All the tips pointed out must be consciously put to work to make the best of a career path.

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