Every Woman blessed with fair skin must take special precautions when choosing the correct cosmetics. Fair skinned women should also try to follow specific makeup tips for pale skin. Some colours that look good on dark skin might look awful on fair skin.

There are tips to keep in mind when choosing make up for fair skin.

GO FOR NEUTRAL COLOURED EYESHADOW: When it comes to choosing eyeshadow, fair skinned women should go for for a neutral look. Beige and cream colored eye shadows will only wipe you out. Instead try brighter colors. Blues and greens look great on light eyes. Rich browns, purples, and greys look good with darker eyes.

MAKE UP FOR THE LIP: For the most natural look, try soft apricots or sandy or rosy pinks. For night, a pinky red color gives a dramatic flair. Avoid brown colours, which can look dull on fair skin.

FOUNDATION: Foundation is the base for the rest of a woman’s makeup; giving skin a smooth surface as well as leveling out the skin tone. This base should be a neutral color and women should avoid choices with strong undertones. The wrong choice could spell disaster, by being too dark or not blending in with the surrounding skin and complexion. Generally, a cream foundation works best for light skin tones as liquids and powders tend to be too drying on the skin. Another option for a perfect foundation is simply mixing just a few drops of the base with a facial cream or lotion. This will instantly create a tinted moisturizer. SPF of 15 or more is advised, as this will keep the face protected from harmful and aging UV rays.

BLUSH: Blush is a must have for light skinned women! It creates a little flush, a pop of color to skin that is naturally quite fair. When applying blush, keep it simple, nothing too heavy or the look will be overwhelming. Shimmering blushes add a pretty glow to cheeks and lavender or pink tones tend to work best for this skin type. It should be applied to the apples of the cheek and the temples of the forehead. Bronzer should also be used to accent areas such as the cheekbones, nose, temples and chin.

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