Women love fashion and they beautify themselves so they can be admired by friends and most importantly the opposite sex.  Women, sometimes make hair, makeup, and skin-care choices that turn guys off. Below are some common beauty mistakes that turn men off.

Wearing layers of makeup: Heavy, cakey foundation is an error that men notice right away. Use a light tinted moisturiser instead and go easy on concealers. Nothing beats the appeal of natural radiance.
Spidery eyelashes: Wearing lumpy extra-coated lashes and falsies gives you that trying-too-hard look. Use an eyelash curler and a light mascara.

Heavy scented perfume: Perfume is supposed to make a man want to snuggle in closer. If he can’t get within two feet without his eyes watering, that means you’re using too much. Note that men like to think your perfume is for them only; it spoils the effect when they have to share it with everyone in the room. Don’t douse yourself with the fragrance. Just because you can’t sense your fragrance doesn’t mean others can’t. Use perfume sparingly (3-4 sprays will be enough) and spritz behind each ear, on your wrists, and behind both knees.

Stop wearing sticky lip gloss-There are lip glosses that moisturize with a subtle sheen, and there are those that are so sticky they could glue together broken glass. Keep your lips kissable with a subtle gloss.
Lastly, derriere length hair isn’t sexy. Long hair is sexy, but can be too much of a good thing. To your bra strap is good. To your butt is too much.

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