Proper nail care is essential to healthy nails. Healthy nails are smooth, have the
same colour and they don’t have discolourations.

Theymake your fingers beautiful and it signals you are in overall good health as
unhealthy nail might be an indicator of an underlying health problem.

The nail is made up of layers of protein called keratin which grows under the

When nails do not grow well, it might be as a result of several factors such as
poor nutrition, hormonal changes, health issues, chemotherapy and aging.

You need to seek medical treatment if you observe the following things about
your nails:

1. Nail discolouration
2. If the shape of your nail changes
3. Pain, swelling and discharge from the nail.
4. If the nails starts to come off from the cuticle.

How to keep the nail healthy.

Nails can be kept healthy by doing the following:

  • Keep your nails dry at all times to keep bacteria and fungi from growing underyour nails.
  • Wear hand gloves when cleaning the house, washing dishes, gardening and handling harsh detergents.
  • Take biotin to strengthen your nail and help it grow better.
  • Use hand cream to moisturize your hands and nails anytime you wash it.

Keep your nails trimmed regularly.

  • Keep your nails hydrated by rubbing petroleum jelly or castor oil around your
    nails before you go to bed.
    Massage your nails to increase blood supply to it, this makes nails grow well.
  • Don’t use nail polish that contain acetone and formaldehyde as they dry out
    nails, instead use acetate nail polish removers.
  • Soak your hands in olive oil for 2-3 minutes, it protects and keeps the nails
  • Don’t use fake nail because it promotes the growth fungi in the nail.

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