Relaxed hair is one that has undergone controlled damage to give it a straight appearance. This makes the hair very delicate and it needs to be maintained properly.

Always have your hair relaxed by a professional stylist to avoid mistakenly processing relaxed ends along with new growth. Also have your stylist coat your hair ends with castor oil or petroleum jelly during processing to avoid getting relaxer on your ends. Getting relaxer on the ends of your hair makes it weak and it breaks off.

Don’t leave the relaxer too long in your hair to avoid over processing, the best way to avoid this is by checking the recommended time in the instruction manual of your relaxing kit and only leave in the relaxer for half of the time recommended.

Relaxing your hair frequently is also bad for the health of your relaxed hair.
Relax the new growth of your hair every 12-14 weeks.

Protect your hair at night before going to bed. Do this by tying a silk scarf or wearing a silk bonnet or better still get a silk pillow case if you don’t
want to cover your hair. Doing this will help your hair retain moisture and prevent hair breakage.

Do hair styles that don’t require heat styling and if you have to use hot equipment to style, do it once in a while and apply protective serum before
using heat on your hair.

After all said and done, keeping your head of relaxed hair healthy by conditioning and moisturizing it regularly as this is key to maintaining it.

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